Family Wrap Around Support

The 2020 goal is to reach a tipping point in accelerating poverty reduction in South St. Petersburg. 2020 0bjectives are to grow to 12 the number of programs helping families exit poverty; and to help 1,570 people (mostly parents with children at home) to find pathways out of poverty.



To help 1,570 families with children out of poverty, one program at a time.

Partners’ Impact since 2014

  • 10 new programs to help people exit poverty 

  • 658 people enrolled in partner programs to chart a pathway out of poverty 

Growth in Service In 2013, only one program served South St. Pete with a specific goal to help families exit poverty: the Pinellas Opportunity Council’s Family Development Program. Since then, 2020 partners have worked together to create nine new programs, which have increased the number of families being helped out of poverty, from 16 in 2013 to 266 in 2017. 

POC quadruples service volume Since 2014, Pinellas Opportunity Council (POC) has quadrupled programs to help poor families to exit poverty. Added to its flagship Family Development Program serving about 16 South St. Petersburg families yearly, POC has adopted five new programs: Getting Ahead, Staying Ahead, the 2020 Family Wrap Around, the 2020 Healthcare Career Ladder program, and a new program with Bon Secours Health System to help its entry level workers train for higher level jobs. 

City funds “Two Generation” Model For the first time ever, the City of St. Petersburg is directly investing in comprehensive workforce, education, entrepreneurship, and second chance training for 100 African-American young men whose parents will simultaneously receive wrap-around services to help them exit poverty. In addition to $750,000 in funding, the City’s My Brother’s & Sister’s Keeper initiative is backing a unique partnership that integrates the service capacity of the Pinellas Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition, St. Petersburg College, Mt. Zion Human Services, and the Pinellas County Urban League.