About Us

The 2020 Plan is led by a network of 100 partners, and backed by funders such as Allegany Franciscan Ministries, United Way Suncoast and Bon Secours Mission Fund, as well as business leaders from the St. Petersburg Chamber and St. Petersburg Economic Development Corporation.

The plan is endorsed by city, county, state and federal officials and was named as one of the top five priorities of St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman, following his election in 2013.

The plan is implemented by service providers who excel in the interventions needed to move the poverty needle. They include Pinellas Opportunity Council, Pinellas County Urban League, Pinellas Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition, Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation, Mt Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, and others.

5 unique facets of The 2020 Plan

  • It is Florida’s largest poverty-reduction plan (by geographic span and scope of actions).

  • It is the only such plan with a specific target for reducing the poverty rate.

  • It is the only such plan that functions as a collective impact initiative, which is different from traditional collaboration.

  • It is the only such plan that aligns economic & workforce development with social services.

  • It is the only such plan created by the community rather than by the social service or government sectors.

The 2020 Plan Formula

# 1 Reduce poverty by increasing incomes: Since poverty is defined by income, 2020’s focus is to increase incomes through full-time, part-time and self-employment.

# 2 Target parents: 2020 targets employment primarily to parents-in-poverty because for every parent who exits poverty, 1 or more children does too.

# 3 Strengthen families: In addition to job training, placement and retention support, 2020 with wrap-around family services, to help parents become active in their children’s success.


2020 Impact Report

This annual impact report offers a snapshot of impact resulting from the collective work of 100+ organizations since January 1, 2014 toward the 2020 Plan goal to reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg.

2020 Plan Impact Report • May 2017


3 Layers of Leadership

The 2020 Core Team of 13 community leaders includes nine founders of the vision.

The 2020 Plan Taskforce of 60 leaders meets three times yearly to review progress, recommend changes and synthesize resources

The 2020 Partner Network of 100 key leaders and organizations contribute time, talent or treasure to 2020-supported projects

The 2020 Organization - 5 facts

  1. We are not a traditional 501c3 agency. The Pinellas County Urban League has served as 2020’s fiscal home since 2013. Our office space is donated by St. Petersburg College. After 11 years of organizing in the community, The 2020 Plan, Inc. became a 501(c)(3) organization in the summer of 2018.

  2. 2020 has paid a small part-time staff team who are each dedicated to specialized roles, thanks to funding from Allegany Franciscan Ministries.

  3. Our annual operating budget was $100,000 for 2016 and is $155,000 for 2017, funded by Allegany and the City of St. Petersburg.

  4. 92% of the funding 2020 has helped raise went to our partners to fund programs to put more people on a path out of poverty.

  5. 8% of the funding 2020 has helped raise went to 2020’s core operations (staff, fiscal agent fees, supplies, etc.).