Collective Projects Led & Supported by the 2020 Plan Team

The 2020 team supports and leads the following collective and collaborative projects, being carried-out by a network of partners working together.


Micro & Small Business Development

1. Community Business Development Initiative (Chamber & Greenhouse) 2. CATCH Program (BBIC) 3. Transformative Strategy (BBIC, Chamber, Greenhouse, City, 2020) 4. $10 Million Capital Quest (BBIC, City, 2020) 5. POC Micro Business Grant Program (POC) 6. The Small Business Salon (City Urban Affairs) 7. PRIME Project (BBIC) 8. (2020, Weekly Challenger, Power Broker, CDAT, BITB) 9. The Prosperity Network (BBIC, MCFCU, 2020) 10. New partnership agreement with U.S. Small Business Admin. (BBIC, City, 2020**)


Workforce Development

11. Impact St Pete Initiative (27 employer partners) 12. Working 1,000 Campaign (to increase youth employment) 13. United Way Suncoast Cross-Program Evaluation (of youth employment programs^) 14. 2020 Healthcare Career Ladder (POC) 15. Bus Driver Job Fair (PCSB) 16. CRA Partners’ Career Fair (at PERC Expo) 17. AARP Seniors Career Connections 18. Community Employment Collaborative (PCUL) 19. Commerce Park Workforce Project (PERC & MZHS) 20. Cradle to Career Collective Impact (by Chamber Education Taskforce**)


Economic Development

21. Grow Smarter Strategy (by City, Chamber & St. Pete EDC) 22. The Opportunity Taskforce (leading push to create universal Community Benefit Agreement policies with the City and other major institutions) 23. Collective Empowerment Group of the Tampa Bay Area (leading creation of transformative Community Economic Development & Growth Plan) 24. The Community Contractor Collective 25. South St. Petersburg CRA (City Mayor’s Office & Economic Dev. Dept.) 26. The Sustainability Council**


Family Wrap Around

27. 2020 Circles® Pathway Project 28. 2020 Family Wrap Around program (POC) 29. The 2020 Fund 30. Bon Secours Family Wrap Around program (POC) 31. Cohort of Champions program (by City, at PERC, Urban League, PCUL, et al) 32. Pinellas County Family Housing Assistance Program 33. Getting Ahead program (POC) 34. High Fidelity Wrap Around program (PCUL) 35. Staying Ahead program (POC) 36. Circles® St. Petersburg Demonstration (PCUL) 37. Figuring it Out for the Child program (USF St. Petersburg Family Study Center) 38. WAS Collaborative (Deborah Figgs-Sanders, Delquanda Turner and JWB) 39. My Brother’s & Sister’s Keeper Initiative (City/Police)



BBIC = Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation BITB = CDAT = Comm. Dev. & Training Center JWB = Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas MZHS = Mt Zion Human Services PCUL = Pinellas County Urban League POC = Pinellas Opportunity Council PERC = Pinellas Ex-Off. Re-Entry Coalition EDC = Economic Development Corp